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Mayumi Tendo

January 25th, 2007

(no subject) @ 03:14 am

My parents are all worried about something. I've come upstairs because then if they start arguing, I can't see it. I don't like seeing them say things in anger. Hopefully it will be OK in the morning.

I was looking through some old stuff in my room, and I found a really old photo of me, Fumiyo and Izumi from a couple of years back. My hair was short back then, and Izumi's, yours is longer! Fumiyo, yours looks kinda similar though! We should give you a new look! Make over time!

I'm tired, but I haven't finished this history essay. I need to get it finished soon though, so I'm going to have to stay up. I already finished the physics, but that was really easy. Science or maths are always easy, it's the essay subjects that get on my nerves. I'm just glad this isn't a religion essay, because those are always the worst. It took me ages to get the last one finished.

Chatlog with my internet friends!

teifenrausch: So the government health service are going to pull funding from the DX59 research project
LetTheWindEraseMe: I know! I'm totally outraged!
scars dont talk: Maybe they can get funding privately
LetTheWindEraseMe: There aren't many companies that would see profit in funding a project for deaf people
x babydoll x: Whats DX59 btw
x babydoll x: [/late]
teifenrausch: A project that was set up a few years ago to research deafness
x babydoll x: oh ok
LetTheWindEraseMe: There isn't anything else around like it. There was hardly any research on deafness before DX59, so it's not something we can afford to lose
scars dont talk: Maybe we could try fund raising?
scars dont talk: Cause if no one else does anything...
teifenrausch: We'd need to raise alot
SunGod23 has entered the room
LetTheWindEraseMe: It'll be hard, but I think we can raise enough
SunGod23: ... I came in at the wrong moment, didn't I?

January 15th, 2007

(no subject) @ 05:08 pm

I got 83% on the Biology exam. Some of the questions at the back were so difficult! I was 7th in the class, which is pretty good! I shouldn't really be comparing myself to others, but it was still nice.

Class trip is approaching fast. Hayashida still won't tell me what it's about! Hrumph! We totally need to get to the bus early so we can get good seats, everyone! I have a couple of books about the oil industry to read in case I end up next to someone I'm not close to, but it would be nice to talk. I hope we have a new bus too, the old one was all bumpy and it was so difficult trying to talk to people with my writing pad. I kept messing up the more complicated kanji and had to write everything really big! ^_^

I've nearly finished the maths homework. I thought it wasn't too difficult, but it's so boring! I still have that history essay to do... I keep procrastinating because I'm not so good at history. I wish I had science homework instead!

October 20th, 2006

(no subject) @ 02:52 am

Did anyone else watch that documentary about radiation? It was fascinating!

This chemistry homework is really fun! I think I made a few silly mistakes, but a lot of it is just maths really, and I always thought maths was pretty easy. Not that interesting itself, but it's great when you apply it to something! Chemical reactions are a bit like algebra anyway I guess.

Biology exam tomorrow! I've revised quite a lot tonight. It's in the afternoon, so anyone want to meet up for some quick revision in the library?

August 20th, 2006

(no subject) @ 02:43 am

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I found a really nice book at the library today, about refining. The illustrations are really helpful, and it's really interesting how they make oil into so many useful things! I think I might have a look online at what type of scientists they employ in the industry, because I think that would be really fun.

I hope we get some sort of career advice in school soon. I know it's a while before we have to really think about careers and things like that, but I'd still like to have an idea of what I could do. I would like to be a housewife, but if I can't find Mr. Right fast enough, I'll need some source of income, and I think there should be more female scientists out there! Hey, maybe I could get work experiance on something! That would be really fun!

Hoshimi says she's always found it difficult at work. She says sometimes being a woman can be more difficult than being deaf. I don't see how either matter, if we're intelligent enough, surely we're an asset to any company? I'll just have to study hard I think... if I get good grades, that should be good enough.

And it's coming towards the end of the year! I'm so nervous about the exams! Hayashida says I'll do well, and my parents say they'll love me anyway, but I'm still nervous. I get good grades, but I'm not one of the most intelligent like Kazuo or Kyouichi. I shouldn't really compare myself to them, because there's nothing to be gained by that, but still, I'd love to get at least near to the top of the scoreboard once, rather than just being... a few places down. People don't notice you if you're 7th or something. Even if I got 3rd once, that would be amazing ^_^

PROFILE @ 02:39 am

Name: Mayumi Tendo
Age: 15
Starsign: Virgo (September 11th)
Report Card: A-

History: Mayumi was born deaf to her parents Taiyou and Kanako Tendo. She is an only child, but her parents were keen to make sure she didn't grow up to be a recluse. Rather than send her to a school for the deaf, they sent her to a regular school. They didn't want Mayumi to feel as though she was a freak, and they thought giving her special treatment would do this. Thankfully, Mayumi had grown good at lip reading, and always carried around a pad of paper to write down the things she couldn't say. Naturally, under the political climate (and the simple fact that they were kids) she was bullied by the other people in her class, mainly the girls at juniour school.

Her parents were distraught to see their daughter suffering, but reasured themselves that it was for the best. After all, sheltering her from the harsh reactions some people might give her would only make the real world far scarier. They believed Mayumi needed to learn how to be strong against bullies to have any chance of a normal life with deafness. The bullying was simply something she'd have to come to terms with at some point regardless of which school she went to.

Nearing the end of junior school, Mayumi had grown fluent at sign language, as her parents, and they were able to have fluent conversations. Mayumi also began to make a few friends, and gained a little confidence, though she was still haunted by her previous experiances.

In juniour high, Mayumi was still a recluse, but enjoyed school. She had a few good friends who know simple bits of sign language, and who were patient when she took time to write things down. Her new teacher, Mr Hayashida, was fairly proficiant in sign language, which delighted Mayumi. She stayed on for an extra 30 mins each Thursday night for extra tuition, which meant she got to sign with Hayashida. This way, she didnt totally miss out on class discussions. Mayumi can also lip read fairly well, and sometimes is able to answer questions in class by signing the answer back to Hayashida.

Naturally, there is still some nastyness from some pupils, but unlike other victims (like Yoshio) Mayumi has friends who she is able to stay with for a little protection, and she manages to get through each day with a smile on her face. She's also oblivious to a lot of the bullying.

Mayumi has also joined a small online community (with only 4 other members) for deaf scientists. Hoshimi and Daisuke are young adults in scientific careers already (they know each other in real life, and live in Tokyo), Nobushiro is a student at Kobe university, and Chieko is a girl Mayumi's age from Sapporo in Hokaido.

Appearance: Mayumi always wears her hair in one long plait with a bow at the end. It's almost become a trademark for her, and is almost always flopping over one shoulder.

Mayumi has a petit figure, and doesn't really stand out from the crowd much, which is exactly what she wants.

Personality: Mayumi is generally reserved when with people. She can be very exitable when she is talking to someone in sign, but her difficulties with communicating with most people tend to discorage her from trying. She doesn't like having to write down what she thinks when she'd much rather sign it, but with most people, there is no choice. She's also not too fond of large crowds or parties because she feels like she'll inevitably get ignored (also, at parties, people like to play music, and Mayumi doesn't like it when people talk about music, because she can't understand what music actually is, which can be very frustrating)

Mayumi can also get very paranoid if she goes out of the house alone. After all, if anyone was to stop her in the street, it would be very difficult to explain about her deafness to them.

When she isn't with too many people, Mayumi can be very inquisitive. She loves to read books and look at websites, just because she likes to learn knew things. She loves asking her friends questions, because she likes to see how other people think, and what other people's opinions of things are. She's always watching documentaries on the television, as she can lip read footage of people talking, and even if it's narrated, and she can't know what's being said, she can still see the footage.

Though reserved in public, Mayumi is a very affectionate girl, and is very loyal to her few friends. All that she wants is to lead a normal life and show people that it doesn't matter that she's deaf. She wants to marry, have children and be a housewife, but if she can't have that, she wants a career in science. She's often looking into possible career paths, as she's constantly convincing herself that no boy would like her enough to want to marry her.

She doesn't understand why some people fuss about her deafness. She was born deaf, and so cannot comprehend what sound or noise actually is. She doesn't feel as though there is anything wrong with her, she just knows that other people have a way of sensing things that she doesn't, but as Mayumi once said to Hayashida about the other pupils: "I can't hear, but they can't sign. I think that makes us both deaf."

She cannot stand it when people are patronising about her deafness.

Sometimes, she gets so frustrated with not being able to communicate with people, that she self harms. She has a huge fear of people discovering it, and feels totally ashamed of it. Not even her parents know.

~ Loyalty. Mayumi is very close to her friends, and though they might be few, she is very dedicated to them, and goes out of her way to help them. People that know Mayumi know that she is reliable and trustworthy.
~ Honesty. Mayumi doesn't like to lie. She doesn't really understand the concept either. Sometimes, she refuses to answer a question rather than lie, but if she does answer, there's a high likelyhood that she's telling the truth.
~ Intelligence. Though the East Asia Republic assumes that deaf people are literally 'too stupid to listen', Mayumi certainly isn't. She's good at figuring out puzzles, and as she likes to study in her free time, she's built up more knowledge than would be expected for kids her age. Though she doesn't understand people very well, science and logic are things she does know.
~ Perception. Like anyone living without a sense, Mayumi's other sense have become more refined to accomodate. For Mayumi, the sense most affected is sight, as she is very visually perceptive. This improves hand to eye coordination and visual memory.
~ Inquisitive. Mayumi loves to learn new things, and can be quite open minded. This means she rarely misses an oppertunity to broaden her knowledge.

~ Inferiority Complex. Mayumi is very reserved and quiet most of the time, and will go out of her way to help others even when it's damaging to herself, simply because she believes that she isn't as good as other people. This is because of her bullying, but not of her deafness. Though she understands that her parents and teachers believe that was shy she was bullied, she can't understand why anyone would bully her because of her deafness, so assumes that there must be something people arn't telling her.
~ Naivity. Though Mayumi is generally intelligent, deception is something that she is very unaware of. She's not very good at detecting lies or manipulation, and is therefore very prone to believe others, even when the lie would be obvious to most people. However, Mayumi is very logical, so if the lie doesn't make any logical sense, it's likely she would detect it.
~ Deafness. Though Mayumi refuses to regard her deafness as a weakness, she is still without any hearing at all. She is used to dealing with this, so it's not as much of a problem as it would be for someone who wasn't born deaf, but became deaf. Still, it is a sense that Mayumi lacks. As she has never heard anyone talk, she is also unable to talk herself. She can make noise, but nothing that makes sense, because she has no way of knowing what speech is supposed to sound like, and can't hear what she's saying. She can sign, or write things down, but most people don't sign, and writing things down can take her time. Her grammar is also a little shady, and though it's easy to see what she's trying to say, she can sometimes write down words in the wrong order, or use incorrect punctuation and declention. She can always understand other people's grammar though. Sign has it's own grammar, which Mayumi is near perfect with.
~ Difference. Mayumi can be very different from the other children, which is something that always distances her from them. She studies in her free time because she enjoys it, she doesn't like socialising and doesn't understand what music actually is. This can make it difficult for people to relate to her, and vice versa.
~ Fear. Mayumi can be quite scared of people she doesn't know, or anyone she isn't good friends with. She isn't that great at expressing emotion, and it can be difficult for her to explain that she is scared, and why. Close friends and her parents are used to this, and are able to tell when she is scared, but people she doesn't know well wouldn't be able to.
~ Self Harm. Though it is a very effective way for Mayumi to calm herself down and let out tension, it has become somewhat of an addiction. When she is stressed out, rather than wanting to self harm, she actually needs to. If she doesn't have time to steralize whichever blade she is using, she will harm anyway, so there is a danger of infection. She compulsively hides her self harming, and so sometimes her actions can seem inexplicable.

Overnight Bag: A notepad and pen specially for talking to people who can't sign. A couple of changes of clothes, all of which are fairly bland. A few science books, toiletries and a picture of her parents. Mayumi has also packed some candy which she intends to share with her friends. She has also taken a small razor and a little bottle of steralizing fluid, but keeps them in a tampon box, so no one would find them by accident if they looked in her bag.

((OOC: That's not a n00bish way of trying to get a razor into the BR undetected. The razor will still be removed from her bag by the soldiers... it's just a way of showing Mayumi's secretive character.))

Father (Taiyou Tendo) - A proffesor of social welfare psychology, Taiyou used to lecture at Kobe university, before getting transfered to Shiroiwa to be an advisor for the local authority. He gets a good wage, even though his job is a lot more about agreeing with people rather than giving his own opinion. He's not a huge government supporter, but doesn't dislike it either. He's a calm and gentle man who cares very much for Kanako and Mayumi, and is always working very hard to make sure they are in a secure financial position. Though they arn't as rich as some of Mayumi's fellow students, she still has a secure future ahead of her in terms of money.

Mother (Kanako Tendo) - She was a student at Kobe university, and met Taiyou when he was student there too. She was studying Biochemistry, but had a friend on the social welfare psychology course, and got introduced. She'd always wanted children, but her and Taiyou had to try quite a few times before she got pregnant. They've tried again since Mayumi's birth, but Mayumi remains an only child, and Kanako is very protective of her. She used to play the violin, but gave it up soon after Mayumi's birth, because it upset her too much to know that Mayumi would never hear her play.

Extra-Curricular Activites: Extra Tuition with Hayashida

Classroom Behaviour: In the class, Mayumi is very quiet and reserved, but can read lips, and is able to follow most of the lesson. She can obviously read anything that is written in textbooks or on the board too. She sometimes also answers questions in class by signing at Hayashida. She doesn't really like group projects, and always does better when left to get on with things. She is excused from any music classes, and spends this time in the library doing private study. Some sports are difficult for Mayumi to play (she can't hear the refere's whistle) so sometimes has private study during sports too.

Chosen Subject: Science

Classroom Relationships: I imagine Mayumi's closer friends being Izumi and Fumiyo, maybe Kayoko, but as there isn't much in canon to go by, I'm quite happy to see who claims which characters and just discuss it with them. Mayumi would probably be on friendly terms with anyone who was friendly back, though would still be quite a private person. She would most definately not like anyone who was patronising about her deafness.

Mayumi Tendo